Exterior Refresh

The classic “buff and wax”. Paint is machine polished using an all in one that corrects minor swirls and light scratches while adding a layer of wax.

Vehicle Size Price Time
Most cars $130 2.5h+
Small SUVs / trucks $150 3h+
Large SUVs / trucks $170 3.5h+


More than just a car wash. An intensive exterior detail that adds a layer of protective wax to the exterior of your vehicle. Great for vehicles that look tired, or the paint just isn't as shiny as it used to be. Additional work such as sap removal can be included as well.


  • Wheels, and tires cleaned
  • Wheel wells cleaned
  • Hand washed
  • Hand dried
  • Paint decontaminated
  • Machine polished, and waxed
  • Chrome polished
  • Exterior windows cleaned
  • Tires shined


  • 6 month paint sealant: $70 Most Popular
  • Sap and pitch removal: Starts at $20
  • Brake dust and iron particle removal: $Stats at $20
  • Truck bed wash out: $30
  • Engine bay detail: $20 - $30
  • Wax wheels $20