Vinyl / Decal Removal

Removal of vinyl, decals, or clear bra from the exterior of a vehicle. Perfect for old, or no longer needed vinyl on a vehicle's paint, or glass.

Price is by quote depending on the scope of the job.

Price Time
Starts at $60 1h+


Removal of vinyl, decals, or clear bras is tricky business. If the vinyl, or decals have been left on the vehicle for an extended period of time, or has sun cracks, or rock chips it can make for a very long removal process.

Our process is extra thorough to ensure the vehicle is returned back to it's original state prior to the vinyl, or decals. We can also help with touching up vinyl or decals that were removed by others.

Our Process

  • Wash the work area
  • Remove vinyl and decals via heat
  • Remove remaining adhesive
  • Machine polish to blend paint

Wash the Work Area

To begin, we'll start off by washing the portion (or entire) vehicle where the vinyl is to ensure a clean work surface. If the vinyl is located on the lower sides of the vehicle where road tar and brake dust build up we'll also decontaminate the paint to get the surrounding paint as clean as possible.

Remove Vinyl

Once the work area is clean, the vinyl is heated up and slowly removed from the paint. Heat helps soften up the adhesive holding the vinyl in place while at the same time ensuring no damage occurs. This step can take awhile depending on how long the vinyl has been on the vehicle.

Remove Remaining Adhesive

Removing vinyl via heat helps keep the amount of adhesive left behind to a minimum. Any adhesive that was left behind from the previous step is removed using a paint safe solvent that breaks the adhesive down.

Machine Polish to Blend Paint

Once the vinyl and adhesive have been fully removed the area is machine polished to blend the paint. The paint that was previously hidden beneath the vinyl or decal is usually in a like new state because it's been protected from the elements. Polishing helps return the surrounding paint to a like new state that will match the newly exposed paint to ensure a nice uniform finish.